Our Values

EAT Well

We believe everyone should have access to healthy food and we are committed to delivering the experience of a nutrient-rich meal,
entirely from scratch. Our meals are always fresh and free of artificial ingredients, never mass-produced or processed. We choose organic
whenever possible and our produce is guided by the Dirty Dozen.

EAT Local

Thoughtful care in the kitchen beings with thoughtful care at the source. To ensure peak nutrition, freshness and deliciousness, we
prioritize sourcing ingredients from local farmers and artisan growers in an effort to contribute to our community, support our local
economy, and improve the health of our neighbors. We strive to feature local ingredients and many of our menu items are inspired by the
great state 48 we call home.

EAT Together

We believe in family and community and value the moments created around great food + drink shared amongst family and friends.
There is something for everyone at Amelia’s and we aim to please a variety of dietary preferences including gluten-free, dairy-free, paleo,
keto and vegetarian. You can count on us for plenty of kid-friendly choices too!

EAT Responsibly

We have a zero-waste mindset and aim to maximize the full life of every ingredient that enters our kitchen. We don’t throw out any
ingredient until it is truly used up – leveraged in multiple product offerings, pickled for preservation, simmered for stock, or squeezed for
every last drop of flavor. We source reusable, recyclable, and renewable packaging and donate excess to a variety of local charities in the